Beats & Graffiti – Berlin 2016

Beats & Graffiti – Berlin 2016

Slowing down to ‘Island time’ for almost a month, I came to Berlin not really knowing what to expect.

The thought heading back to a big city after being in chilled out places like the Balearic islands and Portugal makes you somewhat nervous, but I loved Berlin last time i was there, so my hazy memories pushed me on-wards.

Berlin this time was fuelled by the blend of social commentary sprayed on every surface, art in every form, good electronic music, and a determination to try every beer I could.

I’d suggest that if you find people being themselves (weird) and graffiti a problem, you close your eyes and give most of Berlin a miss. However if that level of realism ‘does it’ for you, I couldn’t imagine a better place to hang out.

From punk, to rock, to the un-classifiable, there’s something for everyone.. Well, there’s something for most people…

Check out some pics:

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