Pretty sure this is about living in the moment, today, now, and being free… Free to wheel your trolley anywhere you can take it..

In a super fast world, it is easy to live as if the present were merely a means to the future. Living in the present means being more open to recognising and savouring those small moments of happiness that are potentially available each day. Locate happiness in what you are doing today, rather than always scanning the horizon for tomorrow’s gifts.

Travel to me contains some of the most enriching experiences the world can offer.. I hope you find the same…


*Homelessfuk.com is a collection of travel rants that are by no means always an accurate travel-guide-style representation of the locations I visit. If you want that, go read a boring travel brochure. More-so this is a perspective from moments in time that may or may not be beneficial to you as a traveller, and whilst I do my best to accurately represent somewhere, I may (or may not) have been a little drunk when writing some of these posts, and others have been written from hazy memories. Still, I hope you enjoy, and these stories encourage you to get out and travel as much as you possibly can..