The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos was a must-do stop for my trip..

Everything I read and everyone i spoke to warned me about how expensive it was going to be but, it was something i had to do (seeming i was in the area and all..) . Surprisingly, It actually turned out to be not as bad (price wise) as depicted.. Although i still managed to (in my usual fashion) burn right through my budget..

Overall, the Galapagos was a little rough around the edges.., (i guess that’s why you pay the extra – for the more luxurious options..¿?) and in the usual South American style, there were a few points that left me sore with rip offs and dodgy information.. This time I actually spent some time to report the pricks to the proper authorities.., but just in case you travel to the Galapagos, avoid ‘Freddy’s Tours’ and the ‘Amigo I’ boat – thank GAWD I’m off that sh¡t heap.. although I’m still kinda rocking a little bit.. =(

Apart from the influence of man, the Islands and nature were abundantly beautiful. The animals, if chained to metal steaks, couldn’t have been more approachable and seemingly tame (although you’re not suppose to mess with them, you could have basically stood right on top of them with out any fuss or so much as a squeak.. Maybe when you actually stood on them..). In the last two weeks I’ve seen a life times supply of Sea lions, Blue footed Boobies, Turtles and Iguanas (making up the majority of tasty critters on the Islands..)..

I didn’t realise before arriving, but the Galapagos actually has really great snorkeling and diving.. And subsequently, I now have my Dive Certificate to carry on spending money (i don’t have=).. – I now wish i had an underwater camera.. I saw some of the biggest Rays, masses of turtles, loads of different tropical-type fishes, and got to snorkel and scuba dive with sea lions..!! It was simply an incredible experience..

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