A Travel Survival Guide

Part 7: the reason for being organised..

Things are beginning to become clearer now. Being organised and NOT leaving things up to the last minuet has it’s merit. Back in 2006 i was FRANTICALLY trying to organise intricate flights with local Brazilian travel agents using my 10 words of Portuguese vocabulary and a series of tiring games of charades… By the end of it, […]

Part 6: charge your damn smart phone..

Ok, It so might seem a bit lame, travelling with a smart phone to you old skoolers, but they are bloody hard to live without now-a-days. Firstly, you get these fandangled GPS-enabled maps that help you find where you are and where you might be going… Secondly, you can listen to your awesome Taylor Swift […]

Part 5: beating the long term travel blues..

Party, Drink & Sun. Ibiza Island – Party capital of the world. To explian, a short while ago I found myself feeling board and dismayed with my life on the road. I found myself saying (and you’re going to hate me for saying this) “I need a holiday from my holidays”, and yes, if I […]

Part 4: laundry.. the stylish way..

Ever get stuck without clean (ok, or wearable) socks and undergarments..? I know I have – several times this year. In these tricky circumstances, you have limited choice.. You can find a friend of similar size, and borrow theirs (preferably without them knowing). You can ‘Go Commando’ and deal with the extra related chaffing.. Or […]

Part 3: emergency hotel exit drills..

This could save your life one day… Or get you in a lot of trouble… Recently whilst staying in a luxury resort few days, a good friend of mine and I decided that if we were to start a fire (accidentally of course), we wouldn’t know how to get out of the building if the […]

Part 2: retrieving your beer and snacks from a locked kitchen..

While staying in an excellent hostel, a number of guests and myself found ourselves in an emergency situation where-by the communal kitchen was closed and locked before we had a chance to retrieve our drinks from the fridge or eat all of our late-night snack stash. – As you can imagine, this kind of situation […]

Part 1: emergency hotel cooking school..

Here’s a new series for Homelessfuk that will hopefully make all of our lives a little bit easier and more pleasant while surviving in the wider world.. I think the photos speak for themselves, but if you need any advice on how to cook wieners, please don’t hesitate to ask away.. (One quick tip, try […]