Part 7: the reason for being organised..

Part 7: the reason for being organised..

Things are beginning to become clearer now. Being organised and NOT leaving things up to the last minuet has it’s merit.

Back in 2006 i was FRANTICALLY trying to organise intricate flights with local Brazilian travel agents using my 10 words of Portuguese vocabulary and a series of tiring games of charades… By the end of it, I needed another bottle of pirate rum..

This trip, 10 years later in 2016, I discovered flights are worth being organised for. And not hung-over/ still drunk while you try get through the on-boarding process… My tips here are: 1) Make sure you book your flight correctly. Remember to book your ‘nice luggage’ a spot on the plane. 2) remember to set an alarm clock. They have their place in this world. To wake you up for things like reasonably expensive, non-refundable international air travel..


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