Travel Tips

Travel is the new Black.

Ok, I know – I’ve been a ‘little’ bit lazy over the last, say 10 years. No blogging about the shit that really matters – Travel. But I’ve decided to take action and make a positive change as of now ~ It’s time to find a trolley, pack it with a few random things and […]

Itchy feet..?

Me too! It’s now 2016, and my feet have started to itch again (I’m hoping it’s not fungal ..) I’ve been yearning of an extended break and a change of pace. Work-life is manic, and I find myself dreaming of buying a combi and travelling south from Alaska as far as i can go south. Must be time […]

Part 7: the reason for being organised..

Things are beginning to become clearer now. Being organised and NOT leaving things up to the last minuet has it’s merit. Back in 2006 i was FRANTICALLY trying to organise intricate flights with local Brazilian travel agents using my 10 words of Portuguese vocabulary and a series of tiring games of charades… By the end of it, […]

Part 6: charge your damn smart phone..

Ok, It so might seem a bit lame, travelling with a smart phone to you old skoolers, but they are bloody hard to live without now-a-days. Firstly, you get these fandangled GPS-enabled maps that help you find where you are and where you might be going… Secondly, you can listen to your awesome Taylor Swift […]

Part 5: beating the long term travel blues..

Party, Drink & Sun. Ibiza Island – Party capital of the world. To explian, a short while ago I found myself feeling board and dismayed with my life on the road. I found myself saying (and you’re going to hate me for saying this) “I need a holiday from my holidays”, and yes, if I […]

Advanced Havaiana Sickness

A warning to all travellers A while ago I wrote about the worsening effects of wearing Havaiana Thongs (flip-flops to the rest of the world) every day, day in – day out. I’m beginning to gain real concern. Inbetween my big and index toes, I now have hardening calluses, and the most concerning symptom is […]

Part 4: laundry.. the stylish way..

Ever get stuck without clean (ok, or wearable) socks and undergarments..? I know I have – several times this year. In these tricky circumstances, you have limited choice.. You can find a friend of similar size, and borrow theirs (preferably without them knowing). You can ‘Go Commando’ and deal with the extra related chaffing.. Or […]

Part 3: emergency hotel exit drills..

This could save your life one day… Or get you in a lot of trouble… Recently whilst staying in a luxury resort few days, a good friend of mine and I decided that if we were to start a fire (accidentally of course), we wouldn’t know how to get out of the building if the […]

Pardon my French, but it’s these keyboards..

Gqwd dq,n, these French keyboqrds qre seriously fuked up::111 Itùs definqtelly NOT stqndqrd issue::11 The hqrdest Iùve found to use so fqr:: Iùve got heqps of stuff to tell you qll,; but zhen i find q nor,qm keyboqrd qgqin:: check these bqbies out à]ç)_&锑(-è___çà)ù*%$£^:!; more soon:: Related stuff: This is some unique shit, nothing’s quite […]

Haviana Sickness

I’ve had my Haviana thongs on for pretty much the whole time I’ve been in Brazil, and I’m starting to understand the reason for wearing “real” footwear.. I now have calluses between my big and second toes and I think me feet are about to fall off. Lesson learnt, mix up your footwear every now […]

Surviving Carnival in Brazil

It’s a miracle that I survived the last 7 days It’s unrelenting. Everywhere you turn, Rio is crazy with people, music and general mayhem during Carnival. There were street parties that mingled with overspill from every club, bar and restaurant. The beaches were littered with people, stalls and stands selling everything you couldn’t possibly need […]

Part 2: retrieving your beer and snacks from a locked kitchen..

While staying in an excellent hostel, a number of guests and myself found ourselves in an emergency situation where-by the communal kitchen was closed and locked before we had a chance to retrieve our drinks from the fridge or eat all of our late-night snack stash. – As you can imagine, this kind of situation […]

If you’re travelling from Canada to Brazil..

Well.. Lesson learned. The 7 flights over 50 consecutive hours to save a couple hundred bucks nearly killed me. By the last flight I was not in the mood for small talk and my mind & body was starting to shut down. The vodka & dark chocolate, substituted by a few dodgy airline meals-diet was […]

35 hours of flights later.. and still plenty to go..

Well – I´m now in Equador airport – hEy ¿¿??¡¡¡ You´d all just Loooove these wHacKey Equadorian Keyboards.. they can do all kinda cool and CwAzY SymBols.. ç¿ Damn itñs a struggle not to collapse right now.. been travelling for around 35 hours with a Litre of cheap Vodka (almost cheaper than a Litre of […]

From hot to cold, to hot…

-30 to +30 C No time right now (really doñ´t need to be stuck in an airport where no one really speaks English) for any longer than necessary, so gotta go make my flight., But I´ll be back soon to sum up an absolutely incredible time in Canada (where it averaged a ¨Balmy¨ -15 Degrees […]

Part 1: emergency hotel cooking school..

Here’s a new series for Homelessfuk that will hopefully make all of our lives a little bit easier and more pleasant while surviving in the wider world.. I think the photos speak for themselves, but if you need any advice on how to cook wieners, please don’t hesitate to ask away.. (One quick tip, try […]

Brain dribble..

Hi hi..,.., Just thought I’d write & let you know what’s been happening .. Feels like my brain’s gone into some kind of shock for now, and it feels better getting some of it down. Things have been really GREAT so far. It’s been go-go-go since I started, and now I’m really looking forward to […]

The Homeless in Canada really know how to travel..

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USA makes travellers feel like criminals

I’d just like to make a special note on my new-found dislike (ok, hate) for the way the United States makes all travellers feel like criminals, even those who choose NOT to travel to the US and are just transferring. Maybe I’m taking it the wrong way, but in my mind, getting fingerprinted, having your […]