Part 6: charge your damn smart phone..

Part 6: charge your damn smart phone..

Ok, It so might seem a bit lame, travelling with a smart phone to you old skoolers, but they are bloody hard to live without now-a-days.

Firstly, you get these fandangled GPS-enabled maps that help you find where you are and where you might be going…

Secondly, you can listen to your awesome Taylor Swift meets Death Metal music collection (*If you are that way inclined?! – not for me.. I listen to good music).

Thirdly, you can play Tetris (and other great games), – as well as perv on social media if you get bored..

Most importantly, you’ll be able to find or complete rather important things like flight and accommodation bookings, or use it like one of them telephone things that used to be hard-wired into houses and along the streets in strange little vertical homeless shelters..


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