Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Pura Vida

Costa Rica was an absolutely beautiful place. “Pura Vida” is the saying the locals use which fittingly means “Pure Life” .. You could make a beautiful life in Costa Rica, and I’d possibly put it in my top three destinations to live that I’ve experienced so far.

Perfect beaches are littered with low-key chilled out surf towns (some of which are very hard to leave once you get into the swing of things), beautiful mountains with an abundance of wildlife including some of the most amazing birds with calls that were better than most symphonies.

One hostel I stayed at for a period of time was positioned right across the road from the beach. Crossing the road you had to be careful not to step on the crabs that seek refuge from the rising tide inland. The ones that didn’t make it formed a kind of Mosaic effect, similar to tiles, and their bright orange and purple colouring was quite pleasant to see. People were receiving random acupuncture treatments and others using excessive rest as a natural treatment for life’s pains and worries. You could pick yourself juicy mangoes from the trees right in the hostel gardens, and the overall effect added up to a captivating place that was very difficult to leave.

There are active volcanoes that shake their surrounding areas with sizable explosions as spewing lava flows, while boulders the size of cars bounce down the sides. I visited one of the most active volcanoes in the world while there (Arenal), but unfortunately only felt and saw minor eruptions.

Costa Rica is renowned for its white water rafting. After pissing it up all night in the capital, San Jose, I ended up with a total of 15 minutes of sleep before heading to Pacuare River for a day of class IV rafting. The fresh cold water was going to help wake me back up, so all I had to do was concentrate on not throwing up on the bumpy road to the river. The Pacuare is rated by many as one of the top 5 places for whitewater rafting in the world, and with Toucans flying overhead and monkeys swinging from the rain forest canopy by the river banks it was easy to see why.

I’d recommend a visit to Costa Rica to anyone who wants to see a beautiful and natural life.

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