Ibiza shenanigans

Ibiza shenanigans

Am I getting old?!

A week in Ibiza was almost too much this time around, It nearly broke me 😀

For a change we took an overnight ferry to the Island this time instead of the usual 45min flight from Barcelona, we landed rather early in the day so had quite a lot of time to kill before our hotel was ready.

So, naturally, we bought Cava and beer for breakfast and wandered the streets. A chalk-board put out at 8 am listing about 15 mojitos and was too good to pass up on. This is how the week started.

From there, things progressively got more involved, although we did find time to visit Formentera, a beautiful little island a short ferry ride from Ibiza. Coming straight from a club (via the spa of course), a day in the sun on Formentera was a challenging thing. I’d suggest suncream if you’re planning a visit.

The last time I was in Ibiza I was quite happy to sleep on a floor or in a hallway somewhere, or not sleep at all – but this time around we did it in a slightly more luxurious way and stayed in quite an exceptional suite on a beach. The large outdoor spa was the perfect way to unwind at the end, start, and midpoints of each day, but thank god it was 90% chlorine – I hate to think what people got up to in it in the last few weeks.

Highlights included Club Mambo and the usual debauchery.


Check out some photographs from the trip:


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