Bormio & Livigno

Bormio & Livigno

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Bormio and Livigno are both great ski areas, if you’re into sliding down a mountain, I can highly recommend both areas!

Bormio is a beautiful little town at the base of an incredibly large mountain. With over 1800m of vertical, a run from peak to the base for a decent (but by no means pro skier) will take you about 30-45 mins, …and I ski pretty fast. The top is about 3000m, be sure to grab lunch and a beer at the top and admire the view and watch the birds sailing in the winds.

One thing to be aware of it that mountains of this size are alive and can be dangerous. The first day out there my two mates and I almost didn’t make it home alive. We decided to veer off-piste and hit up some tree skiing. The top section was amazing, but as we progressed the forest got darker, tighter, and less inviting. Jagged branches jutted out at eye-level everywhere and for the first time in many years, I actually had to take my skies off to get down some sections. As it was getting dark, the smiles had run from our faces, and we pondered who we’d eat first if we had to stay for much longer. In the fading light, bruised and battered, we eventually found a pathway out, I’ve never been so happy to see a piste as at that moment.

Perhaps from this, I’d suggest it’s best to say on-piste unless you know the mountain / what you’re doing.

Livigno was an amazing area perched high in the mountains. It was cold and the snow was thick. The runs were not overly difficult, but I’m pretty sure I reached a new top speed a couple of times on their beautifully groomed runs. Be warned about skiing out of bounds, I hit a rock at high speeds and destroyed a 6 star pair of skies (not to mention my knee for about 3 months!), and for the first time ever caught the gondola down the mountain.

Check out some pics:


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