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Beats & Graffiti – Berlin 2016

Slowing down to ‘Island time’ for almost a month, I came to Berlin not really knowing what to expect. The thought heading back to a big city after being in chilled out places like the Balearic islands and Portugal makes you somewhat nervous, but I loved Berlin last time i was there, so my hazy memories pushed […]

Portugal 2016

Portugal is high on my list for destinations. A beautiful city in so many ways, it’s perhaps hard not to like it. After booking a nice apartment to myself, found moments before boarding the plane to Lisbon i was on my way. An uber from the airport took about 30mins, yet only cost several euros? Good […]

Ibiza 2016

A week in Ibiza was almost too much this time around, It nearly broke me 😀 Oh my, am I getting old? Storming the Island via overnight ferry this time, instead of the usual 45min flight from Barcelona, we landed rather early in the day so had quite a lot of time to kill before […]

Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal was a great county. I loved every bit of it. From the relaxed atmosphere, to the friendly and helpful locals. The city of Lisbon was wonderful, and the beautiful coast lines and beaches were at times heavenly. The cuisine on offer everywhere was great and the prices seemed so much more reasonable than those […]


..With a savage hang-over and about 35 minuets sleep after catching the wrong train from Paris, My two good friends and I arrived in Berlin to a beautiful sunny morning (which was short lived, before the rain set in..). The first impressions of Berlin were excellent.. Firstly, the taxi we shared from the train station […]


Cuba is quite incredible.
Rhythm, Poverty, Beauty, Soul.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica was an absolutely beautiful place. “Pura Vida” is the saying the locals use which fittingly means “Pure Life” .. You could make a beautiful life in Costa Rica, and i’d possibly put it in my top three destinations to live that I’ve experienced so far. With perfect beaches surrounded by low-key chilled out […]

The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos was a must-do stop for my trip.. Everything I read and everyone i spoke to warned me about how expensive it was going to be but, it was something i had to do (seeming i was in the area and all..) . Surprisingly, It actually turned out to be not as bad (price […]