If you’re travelling from Canada to Brazil..

Well.. Lesson learned. The 7 flights over 50 consecutive hours to save a couple hundred bucks nearly killed me. By the last flight I was not in the mood for small talk and my mind & body was starting to shut down. The vodka & dark chocolate, substituted by a few dodgy airline meals-diet was […]

35 hours of flights later.. and still plenty to go..

Well – I´m now in Equador airport – hEy ¿¿??¡¡¡ You´d all just Loooove these wHacKey Equadorian Keyboards.. they can do all kinda cool and CwAzY SymBols.. ç¿ Damn itñs a struggle not to collapse right now.. been travelling for around 35 hours with a Litre of cheap Vodka (almost cheaper than a Litre of […]