Progressively backwards

‘Backward’ from modern society is a welcome concept, especially if you appreciate a simpler life, where it’s freer, where it’s purer, where life is just, well, better.

While I’m not entirely sure I could move there just yet, I do think I’d like to end up somewhere like Tasmania.

Parts of it are simply spectacular. I spent a large part of my time in Tazzie on the road, attempting to circumnavigate the entire island in less than a week – which is possible. I’d suggest if you’re planning similar, slow down, take your time, stop and appreciate the little things. Take at least a couple of weeks so you can really soak up the goodness.

Hobart also contains one of my favourite places in the world, the MONA museum.

If you haven’t been, get your arse down there to check it out. Spend at least a day admiring the weird and wonderful that some consider art, and some think its just shit.

Check out some pics:


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