The Gili Islands & Lombok

The Gili Islands are slightly different from most of Indonesia & the popular holiday destination of Bali. It’s a good two-hour boat ride to get there from Kuta and once you get there the lack of motorised vehicles combined with ‘Island-time’ lifestyle makes it a pretty chilled location. There’s not a lot to do there […]

Far North Queensland and the Daintree Rainforest

Wolf Creek land I think there’s something special about taking time off work while it’s rainy, cold, and bleak (aka – shit) to head to somewhere tropical and warm. It’s kind of like saying – ‘Nah, I’m not having this’. After a drunken night planning to rent the shittiest Shitbox rental car we could find […]


Progressively backwards ‘Backward’ from modern society is a welcome concept, especially if you appreciate a simpler life, where it’s freer, where it’s purer, where life is just, well, better. While I’m not entirely sure I could move there just yet, I do think I’d like to end up somewhere like Tasmania. Parts of it are […]

Berlin – Is it really Germany?

If you like electronic music & graffiti, this is for you… After slowing down to ‘Island time’ for almost a month, I came to Berlin not really knowing what to expect. The thought heading back to a big city after being in chilled out places like the Balearic Islands and Portugal makes you somewhat nervous, […]

Lisbon, Portugal

A beautiful city in so many ways Portugal is high on my list for destinations, it’s hard not to like it. After booking a nice apartment to myself, found moments before boarding the plane to Lisbon I was on my way. An uber from the airport took about 30mins, yet only cost several euros? Good […]

Mallorca, The Balearic Islands – Spain

I want to move here. I can see why so many find Mallorca attractive now.. Previously, I’d somewhat ignored the place when travelling to Spain, but I’m so glad I finally figured it out and got my arse over there. With a combination of ‘Island time’, breath-taking mountain passes, sparkling aqua coves and beaches, combined with a […]

Ibiza shenanigans

Am I getting old?! A week in Ibiza was almost too much this time around, It nearly broke me 😀 For a change we took an overnight ferry to the Island this time instead of the usual 45min flight from Barcelona, we landed rather early in the day so had quite a lot of time […]


Our opinion of somewhere is very much dependant on our experience. Take Vancouver, Canada for example. The first time I visited, I truly thought it was the best place on earth, mostly because of the company I had and the places I visited. The second time I visited, I thought it had some ‘rough edges’, but was […]

Bormio & Livigno

Italy ski trip Bliss Bormio and Livigno are both great ski areas, if you’re into sliding down a mountain, I can highly recommend both areas! Bormio is a beautiful little town at the base of an incredibly large mountain. With over 1800m of vertical, a run from peak to the base for a decent (but by […]

Lake Como

Bliss Travelling briefly through Milan, I stopped at Lake Como before a tidy ski adventure in Bormio and Lovinio, in Italy. I didn’t spend a lot of time in Milan, so I can’t really say I’ve given it a fair chance, but on brief inspection, it wasn’t my favourite city in Italy. – To be […]


Awesomely weird. It’s been a while since I’ve posted on Homlessfuk, and I put that down to a severe lack of holidaying. Well, nothing like a quick break to somewhere strange to fix things. Japan is awesome. Awesomely weird. It’s hard to get around (which I kind of like) due to the language barrier, and […]

Gordon’s Bay, Sydney

The flotilla of munters A quick trip down to Gordon’s Bay on most days will greet you with a tranquil bay, perfect for snorkelling and sunbathing. Gordon’s bay on Australia day a few years back was awesomely celebrated with the largest flotilla of dirigibles I’ve seen for quite some time. Gordon’s bay, a usually tranquil […]

The Whitsundays

Crikey, that’s good I’ve been to the Whitsundays many times now.., and I’ll be back there many more. For me, the area is one of my favourite destinations in the world. Admittedly, I may be a little biased in opinion (who isn’t?) – being from Australia originally, it’s a special place that I’d encourage you […]


Just enough time for tea and scones Being Europe’s hub for air travel, London seems to attract stop-overs, whether they like it or not. I don’t mind a stopover (here and there) but to try and spend ten days at 2.6 times your currency (the ‘Pacific Pesso’) is just crazy. So I made a plan […]

Prospecting for work in BC

Mining almost looked viable The grand plan for the year was to not work for as long as possible, get to Canada around October(ish), and search for a suitably cushy job in a ski resort. I had held my end of the bargain up with ten months of gruelling travel, but when it came down […]


A quick drink …or two Ireland was an addition to my travel plans added in at the last minute. I had previously wanted to go and experience Ireland because I know the Irish love a drink (and I do too), and I found out that I have family heritage from the region so I wanted […]

Lisbon to Lagos, Portugal

What can I say? Portugal was a great county. I loved every bit of it. From the relaxed atmosphere to the friendly and helpful locals. The city of Lisbon was wonderful, and the beautiful coastlines and beaches were at times heavenly. The cuisine on offer everywhere was great and the prices seemed so much more […]

Spain in a nutshell

Mullets and Thieves Well, I really loved Spain in 2006. However, the distinct lack of self-respect from the people in the areas through hairstyle sense – particularly the 33-50% of Spaniards that thought a Mullet was cool, dragged my opinion of them down considerably. It was like a bad bad dream – or, more like […]


Provence & the Cote d’Azur Initially heading back to France from the bottom of Spain seemed like an arduous task. It would have involved either sitting on a bus (probably totally booked with a broken toilet, as it seems to happen) for around 50 hours, or working through five to ten train rides, over probably […]


Just Mucha-ing around Prague was a much talked about destination for me and it was also a pleasant step up from Austria. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy Austria, but for me, it was a little slow and I ended up feeling boredom creep into most days. No such thing in Prague. Yes, the company […]


Working the salt mines From Prague, I headed to Krakow with a small posse of Irish and English lads I met in the Czech Republic. I almost missed my train to start, so after piss-bolting for about a kilometre, I started the journey rather sweatily, and with no water or beer to re-hydrate me. Poland […]


We have no kangaroos Austria was great. Clean. Sophisticated and generally ‘nice’. I think I had higher expectations for Vienna than I perhaps should have, but it was still a very nice city. Coming from Italy, I had some serious issues with confusing Vienna and Venice. They are very different destinations, and when you try […]


A few months in… At first, Italy didn’t especially click for me, but with time, my fondness for it really grew and now in just over three weeks there, I’d rate it as one of my favourite places in the world. Being in Italy for the World Cup when they won was more than anyone […]

Amsterdam & Rotterdam

Holland was a beautiful country with a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere. I can’t say I remember a lot of our first stop, Amsterdam, except being lost for most of the time there.. Those bloody streets are just so confusing and hard to navigate, especially with all those special cafes around. – Amsterdam was quite an […]

Athens & The Greek Islands

Sun, sand, sex, & sleeping all-day I flew into Athens after a long flight from Holland to check out some of the historic Greek sites and to serve as a launching point to head to the Greek Islands. It was great to see some of the ruins Greece had around as the first tastes of […]

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