Mallorca, The Balearic Islands – Spain

Mallorca, The Balearic Islands – Spain

I want to move here.

I can see why so many find Mallorca attractive now.. Previously, I’d somewhat ignored the place when travelling to Spain, but I’m so glad I finally figured it out and got my arse over there. With a combination of ‘Island time’, breath-taking mountain passes, sparkling aqua coves and beaches, combined with a chilled out version of Spanish life, you really can’t go wrong.

There are, of course, some parts you might like to avoid, Like Magaluf (*unless you’re a 16 y.o. looking to partay, of course..), and parts of Palma are a bit so-so too. I shouldn’t bag it though, it’s also beautiful in many ways but you do need to be a little careful there, so I’m told. Personally I felt safe most of the time and didn’t pay too heeding to the warnings (mind you.., I’m 6’3″, 95kg, and have been in these situations before).

The north and pretty much all coastlines of Mallorca were the heroes for me, I loved Pollenca, and would quite happily settle there for a few months of the year – every year 😉 if I had my way.


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