Lisbon to Lagos, Portugal

Lisbon to Lagos, Portugal

What can I say?

Portugal was a great county. I loved every bit of it. From the relaxed atmosphere to the friendly and helpful locals. The city of Lisbon was wonderful, and the beautiful coastlines and beaches were at times heavenly. The cuisine on offer everywhere was great and the prices seemed so much more reasonable than those in Spain or the rest of Western Europe.

I need to go back and explore more of Portugal as all I made time for was a stop in the Capital, Lisbon, and then relaxation time in the resort town of Lagos. I’m sure the rest of Portugal deserves to be explored as well, but from what I saw, Portugal had a lot of things going for it.

Lisbon is a top place. The city was busy but had an easy feel about it. The tram lines that link some parts of the city were amazing. Tiny little rickety things, I wonder how many of them fall off their tracks? The people seemed nice and the nightlife there was good too.

Lagos was a great escape. It was basically a beach town with excessive amounts of bars and cheap restaurants that served great tapas and things. The surrounding towns around Lagos had the first surf I’d seen for quite some time and it was worth the wait. I spent most of my time in Lagos sleeping in and getting drunk – very hard to take.

So Portugal is a great destination for anyone wishing to have a low stress / high fun European holiday. I’ll definitely be back.

Check out some photos from Portugal:

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