If you’re travelling from Canada to Brazil..

If you’re travelling from Canada to Brazil..

Ok, well the 7 flights over 50 consecutive hours nearly killed me. By the last flight i was not in the mood for small talk and i think my mind & body was starting to shut down.. The ‘vodka & dark chocolate, substituted by a few dodgy airline meals’ diet was probably not the best for long distance travel, and by the last leg, i only just made it to the cattle class toilet before spewing up three times.. All before take-off =(.

What should have been 2 nice clean direct flights turned out to be a a bit more painful than i first anticipated.. It was obvious that it was going to suck a bit to start with, but i hadn’t really thought it through.

So whilst sifting through customs in my second last stop over, I had this funny thought ” it’s a miracle I’ve made it this far, i wonder how my luggage is travelling?” – I hadn’t seen it since LAX where the nice attendant helped out by checking it through to my final destination. Unfortunately between the 4 different airlines somehow it went on it’s own vacation.. Lucky lucky bags.

I would highly recommend to anyone NOT to take the slightly cheaper option brought to you by your local ‘join the dots’ travel planner – or at least maybe think about breaking the trip up for some rest stops etc..

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