Olinda – time to relax..

Olinda – time to relax..


I’m currently in a little town called Olinda, near Recife (pronounced Hecefe), – you know.., “Linda” in Portuguese means Beautiful.. I found that what the locals think is beautiful, can sometimes leave plenty to the imagination. Olinda is a historic and cute little place, everything is about a million years old, but has had some incredibly bright paint slapped on top of crumbling walls to brighten it up. It’s really very cute – very arty, if that’s what you’re into.

Flying back to Salvador this arvo to go to an island for a few days for more much needed relaxing – supposedly there are sea turtles, whales and dolphins to swim with.. – Yes. It’s tough..

Been planning Central America for April, (after the Inca Trail and Galapagos Islands to finish off South America) .. Active Volcanoes, cheap Scuba Diving, Mayan ruins, the Worlds second largest Reef (after The Great Barrier Reef in Aus.), .. – and will be making some special trips to the Caribbean just to taste it a bit. Really not enough time in the year.

The Language barrier here has been kinda interesting.. So far been getting by with hand gestures but now have a killer Portuguese Vocab of about 10 words.. I feel so rude and stupid not being able to converse. But on the bright side, I should be really good at Charades by the time I’m home.

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