Spain in a nutshell

Spain in a nutshell

Mullets and Thieves

Well, I really loved Spain in 2006. However, the distinct lack of self-respect from the people in the areas through hairstyle sense – particularly the 33-50% of Spaniards that thought a Mullet was cool, dragged my opinion of them down considerably. It was like a bad bad dream – or, more like a nightmare. What were they thinking..? And it wasn’t just the men – the women sported mullets left, right, and centre too. WRONG. So wrong. It makes me sick just thinking about it again.. I think I’m going to need therapy to get over all those filthy mullets fully.

And to further lower my opinion, whilst visiting Spain, I was robbed. TWICE. I’ve been to some pretty dodgy places, and until Spain have never had this kind of problem… Really disappointing, because Spain was such a great country, and if it wasn’t for all the Mullets and Thieves I encountered, I would have said it was one of the best countries in Europe. Unfortunately, I was left feeling angry (rubbed off from all those angry mullets most likely) and dismayed (from being robbed, not once but twice in the space of a few weeks).

If you somehow managed to sedate everyone with a mullet and take to them with a set of clippers and if the Spanish police actually did something to try and reduce crime (instead of beating up tourists), Spain would have been one of my favourite places. And yes, you heard me right. I was told about two tourists who were mucking around on the streets of Barcelona – yes, they were maybe causing a bit of a public nuisance but were in no way causing anyone harm. Within a few minutes, two police rocked up, and within a few more minutes a van with a whole bunch of heavy military type police arrived and surrounded the tourists. By this point, the bewildered fools stopped messing around and waited to discuss the problem with the military-style police. From behind, without warning, the cops took to the pair with police batons, starting a frenzy of blows, punches and kicks from all directions until there was a pool of bloody touristy mess. The police had done what they could to diffuse the situation and packed themselves back into their van and disappeared. Well done, pricks.

Rant over –

On a side note, Spain is full of wonderful cities. There are tapas bars, much live music, and great stretches of coast to relax on.

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I was also lucky enough to make it to the Tomatina Festival which was possibly one of the best things I’ve done. The Tomatina Festival is the world’s largest Tomato Fight. As you stand knee-deep in tomatoes in the streets where it takes place with about twenty thousand other tomato lovers, you gain a newfound appreciation for food. Apart from having my wallet relieved from my zipped-up security pocket (for the second time in the few weeks), it was an incredible experience.

Sitting in the police station to make my report that afternoon, it was clear that I was not the only target for the day.

Some photos from Spain:

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