Woo-Hoo..!! – Arived in Canada

Woo-Hoo..!! – Arived in Canada

First stop, Canada…

It’s been a really long lead-up to this moment and now I’m really smiling.

I’m currently writing from Red Mountain Resort in Canada (British Columbia), which has been my first chance to actually stop for a second and reflect on ALL that has brought me here.

We (*Rob, Bel & I) hired a car in Vancouver, and after a couple of parking fines, a red-light ticket, and a few wrong turns, we finally arrived at Red Mountain around 5 pm today (these time zones are doing my head in..&$#%). We are staying at Ram’s Head Inn for a few days. The place is great and feels really cosy, but that’s not why we’re here.. We will be out tomorrow first thing for some fresh powder. It’s been absolutely dumping snow here, the drive up was amazing (check for photos next week) and speaking to the locals, they say the snow’s now the best it’s been for a while. Can’t wait..!!

Last night we stayed in this tiny town called Osoyoos (i think it’s pronounced Oh-soo-yerse, but with a Canadian accent). The drive from Vancouver took over 9 hours, and we HAD to stop and buy new skis etc.. it took two days. Earlier, we ripped up a Osoyoos Ski Resort, called Mt Baldy. It was totally awesome, the best snow I’ve seen for ages– and really cheap at $38 for a days lift pass (compared to $87 in Australia’s major resorts).

For me, the fact that I don’t have to live, breathe, and BE work for an extended-extended period of time is so fantastic in itself, it brings an instant smile and feeling of relief to my face and mind. Possibly the first totally stress-free feeling I’ve had for as long as I can remember.. 8-)..

I am totally looking forward to the year ahead now; previously I’ve not had the head-space to actually appreciate what’s now a reality.

Life has so much white noise. I’m working on changing that – going to be focusing on what’s truly important. (still not 100% sure what that is, but I’ll have a damn good go at figuring it out – without the interruptions of responsibility..).


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