Part 4: laundry.. the stylish way..

Part 4: laundry.. the stylish way..

Ever get stuck without clean (ok, or wearable) socks and undergarments..? I know I have – several times this year. In these tricky circumstances, you have limited choice.. You can find a friend of similar size, and borrow theirs (preferably without them knowing). You can ‘Go Commando’ and deal with the extra related chaffing.. Or you can do the sensible thing and WASH..

For this edition of the Travel survival guide, I’ll show you the correct method to cook your socks & underwear, to make sure they are safe to wear once again.

You will need a kitchen with cook top and clean pots (around 2-4L). You will also need something to stir the potent mixture with, I’ve chosen a wooden ladle here because I’ve found it works really well with dirty smelly cotton.

Firstly, fill the cook pot with water, mineral water for best results – I used Evian, as that was readily available where I was at the time, but you can use what ever you can get locally. Bring the water to a savage boil, and add soap to taste. Taste again to be sure of the mixture.

Next add your dirty dirty socks and underwear to the boiling water, taking extra care not to touch them with your bare skin.

Leave to simmer, stirring occasionally, until you can smell the freshness of soap in the air. This indicates they are ready.

Remove your clean socks & underwear from the broth, and discard of the boiling water carelessly (we threw ours out our 6th story window..).

Hang to dry, noting that colours are highly likely to run – if there is any colour left, that is.

If you need your garments in a hurry, try using the microwave to speed up the drying process.. And there you have it, fresh boiled socks.. Voilà..!

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