Part 3: emergency hotel exit drills..

Part 3: emergency hotel exit drills..

This could save your life one day… Or get you in a lot of trouble…

Recently whilst staying in a luxury resort few days, a good friend of mine and I decided that if we were to start a fire (accidentally of course), we wouldn’t know how to get out of the building if the lifts were not working and no one was there to carry us to safety.

So after a case of beer and a bottle of Tequila, we went for an exploratory search on the hotels emergency exits and staff corridors. I’d recommend you do the same for the next hotel you stay, because if you do accidentally start a fire or for some reason a fire breaks out, you will want to be the first ones out. Safety third, as I always say.

Unfortunately for this Travel Survival Guide, there are no photos of my own for you to view – it was a stealth mission. But if you ask the nice people at the hotel we were staying at, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind sharing their security videos and photographs with you.

So there are a few things to remember on these sort of missions., firstly, it is advantageous to smell as much like you have been doused in rum as possible to throw any staff off your trail. They will think a bottle of rum has fallen over and broken somewhere and will hopefully turn around to call a clean-up crew before they see you. It is also advantageous to remember what room number you are staying in or be able to think quickly enough to make up a valid room number, in the unlikely event that you are approached or stopped by hotel security. Remember, it is important to explore as much of the hotel as possible in the shortest period of time, which will prepare you in the event of a real fire.

It is also wise to have your story straight.. or to have no story at all. This will increase the success rate of these missions, remembering you should be running these drills in every place you visit from now on.

All that is left for you to think about is actually exiting the building or complex in a quiet and orderly fashion, and sometime later making a successful re-entry of the building, preferably using the main front entrance (making sure to wait for the concierge to open the door for you to allow you to enter).

Remember, safety third. Good luck.

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