Gordon’s Bay, Sydney

Gordon’s Bay, Sydney

The flotilla of munters

A quick trip down to Gordon’s Bay on most days will greet you with a tranquil bay, perfect for snorkelling and sunbathing. Gordon’s bay on Australia day a few years back was awesomely celebrated with the largest flotilla of dirigibles I’ve seen for quite some time.

Gordon’s bay, a usually tranquil location was transformed into a drunken debauched hedonistic location for kids (followed by flocks of Police) for a cheeky un-approved Australia Day celebration.

Fueled by bags of goon and scuba-delivered mini-kegs of beer, the bay was filled with rafts of squeaky rubbery flotation devices and drunk 20-somethings. What a wonderful world.

*note, I got there just as people were being removed by the fun-police. The photos don’t do it justice.

Check out some photos:

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