A snap shot of Brazil

A snap shot of Brazil

What an amazing country..

with nothing but naivety, and a few books, I planned my trip roughly from home and included Brazil solely for attending one of the world’s largest events, Carnival. In hindsight, I could have spent 6 months, if not the full year in Brazil.

One of the beautiful things about travelling is that it’s full of surprises. Some good. Some bad. But for me thus far, it’s been incredible., Brazil has shown me so much diversity and has proven a number of things – such as quality of life is more than just an income. The people of Brazil have shown me a different approach to life, as the large majority of soles seem to be happy and (largely) stress-free compared to people back home. People always seem to be smiling, and there’s been a minimum of “worry lines” apparent on the foreheads of the locals. With more than 40 million people living under the poverty line, it’s amazing how it actually works. But it does. People get on with their lives.

Throughout the parts of Brazil I travelled, I met some amazingly hospitable people who have really helped renew my hope in the human race. Perhaps we’re not all completely fucked after all.

So with some new friends for life, and the need to return to Brazil in the future (after learning Portuguese), I Left Brazil prematurely to head to Peru after partying all night with about half a bottle of vodka and 2 hours of sleep, my flight out meant another 4.00 am start. This is beginning to turn in to a nasty routine.

For more info and photos at Carnival in Rio and Salvador, visit my post on Surviving Carnival.

Check out some pics from Brazil:

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