A quick stop in Ecuador – (Shame about the hotel)

A quick stop in Ecuador – (Shame about the hotel)

Ahem.., Some places should be avoided..

I’m not talking about Equator itself. I’m talkin’ about the ‘nice’ little hotel the ‘nice’ person at the information desk at Ecuador airport recommended i stay at for a stop over..

Well i can say this. This place was CHEAP.. Cheap in so many ways.. I was, at first, a little concerned as i left to find some food, the other guests seemed a little noisy – or could it have been the rice paper thin walls..? Then to the streets which were overflowing with gang members and homeless zombies everywhere.. After wading through, I found some edible food-stuffs and ventured back, looking forward to a decent nights sleep. I had to wake the guard (receptionist) to let me in. -If only the Rottweiler chained in reception (which was well awake by then) had opposable digits and a key – he could have let me in.. Then finally.. to my room.., and as i was entering, I hear the guest next door leaving, only to be greeted by a scantily clad prostitute, putting on a few finishing touches as she left her last victim..

This is the life..

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