We have no kangaroos

Austria was great. Clean. Sophisticated and generally ‘nice’. I think I had higher expectations for Vienna than I perhaps should have, but it was still a very nice city. Coming from Italy, I had some serious issues with confusing Vienna and Venice. They are very different destinations, and when you try and buy a train ticket, with a minimal of Italian communication skills to Venice, Austria, you get mixed results. Actually, at the very best you get rather short answers, and if I could understand what the ‘nice’ ticket sales person was actually saying, I’m sure it wouldn’t have been overly pleasant. After the cue built up quite considerably behind me, a cueee corrected my brain-lapse and suggested I try to go to Vienna in Austria instead.

So after a few days milling around Vienna, I headed to Innsbruck and Tirol where ‘normally’ without global warming, you could ski all year round on a glacier..! I made it to the Glacier and yes, you could still ski, but the one run that was open was not worth the effort involved and so I took some time hiking around on the Glacier in the remaining snow and the surrounding mountains. Innsbruck was a beautiful city, and I will have to come back in winter one day to test out the snow and the legendary skiing (when there is more than one run open that is..).

Check out some pics from Austria:


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