A quick drink …or two

Ireland was an addition to my travel plans added in at the last minute. I had previously wanted to go and experience Ireland because I know the Irish love a drink (and I do too), and I found out that I have family heritage from the region so I wanted to check it out. I had a 10-day break between flights in and out of London and had I stayed for the 10 days, I would have been forced me to sell a toe or a kidney or something to fund my time. So I headed for Ireland with a rough plan and an even rougher budget.

I found trouble in Ireland, both of the good kind, and of the bad kind. The good kind of trouble was helped along by a few Irish mates I met in various locations around the globe with which I managed to catch up and drink with ’till all hours.

The bad kind of trouble was where you run completely out of money in a strange place – totally alone. Travel is an expensive endeavour. My bank account and I were already on bad terms. I ran out of coin in a small town called Sligo with few options left up to my sleeve. In the end, I managed to scrounge together a bus ride back to Dublin on the exhaust fumes of my credit card and a little begging/ borrowing from a mate.

Ireland was great to visit but my stunted visit did not do it justice. I will be back one day with more plentiful supplies of money and time, armed with good intentions to NOT spend the entire time in pubs (..although I don’t want to be insulting to the Irish by avoiding their national pass-time completely =-).

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