Prospecting for work in BC

Prospecting for work in BC

My grand plan for the year was to not work for as long as possible and get to Canada around October to search for a suitably cushy job in a ski resort. I held my end of the bargain up – and didn’t work for around ten months, but when it came down to finding a high paying, low-effort job in Canada, I was screwed. On closer inspection in Canada, I had plenty of options for work but from travelling for the better part of a year and not working one day, I was struggling to find the required motivation for serious job hunting..

I really believe travelling is a great pass time, but after chasing the dream non-stop for almost 300 days straight, I was finding it hard to absorb anything new on offer. Unfortunately in Canada, this hit home hard, and it prompted me to begin making plans for the final ascent back home, back to the real world. After sitting around for what seemed like forever in Canada, I finally worked up the courage to make arrangements, and with-in a week, I was to be on yet another flight. Possibly the last for awhile.

On my final day in Canada i was feeling rather nostalgic. It was hard, partly because I was heading home for work and (hopefully) serious debt reduction, but mostly because I had had such an incredible year and it was really hard to think about what i would do on those other days of the week – as I had honorarily re-named every day “Saturday” for the year. Boarding the plane was filled with mixed feelings. I had learnt and earned (not in monetary terms though =) so much this year that I had no idea what to do next or what would happen next.

This was it, the final leg of my journey.

To view my gallery from my summer visit to Canada:

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