I was nervous heading to Paris. And it wasn’t because I had condoms stuffed with crack cocaine slowly decomposing in my stomach*.. No, it was because the French are renowned for their intolerance of the “non-French speaker” in their own country.. I knew a few words, like Croissant, and Baguette.. and Frogs Legs, but not […]


..With a savage hang-over and about 35 minuets sleep after catching the wrong train from Paris, My two good friends and I arrived in Berlin to a beautiful sunny morning (which was short lived, before the rain set in..). The first impressions of Berlin were excellent.. Firstly, the taxi we shared from the train station […]


My short time in London was excellent, but came with mixed emotions for me.. I’d been in Spanish speaking countries for the last three-ish months, and although it was a real treat to be able to communicate fluently again, for the first few days, i really missed hearing the language i never really got used […]


After the rather frazzling experience with the Cuban immigration / emigration system, I prepared myself properly before attempting my next destination. This time I had my story straight, crossing all the “i’s” and dotting all the “T’s” on the immigration forms, and I even wore respectable clothing to enter the country this time. Mexico’s immigration […]


Cuba is quite incredible.
Rhythm, Poverty, Beauty, Soul.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica was an absolutely beautiful place. “Pura Vida” is the saying the locals use which fittingly means “Pure Life” .. You could make a beautiful life in Costa Rica, and i’d possibly put it in my top three destinations to live that I’ve experienced so far. With perfect beaches surrounded by low-key chilled out […]

The Middle Of The World

I was a little disappointed not to find any red hot Magma here.. I was expecting it to be flowing everywhere… BAH!! On this brief stop, all i got was a dividing line and a GIANT Obelisk marking The Middle of the World (latitude 0°0’0″) and the Northern and Southern hemispheres.. As a kid might, […]

The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos was a must-do stop for my trip.. Everything I read and everyone i spoke to warned me about how expensive it was going to be but, it was something i had to do (seeming i was in the area and all..) . Surprisingly, It actually turned out to be not as bad (price […]

A quick stop in Ecuador – (Shame about the hotel)

Ahem.., Some places should be avoided.. I’m not talking about Equator itself. I’m talkin’ about the ‘nice’ little hotel the ‘nice’ person at the information desk at Ecuador airport recommended i stay at for a stop over.. Well i can say this. This place was CHEAP.. Cheap in so many ways.. I was, at first, […]

Peru: Cusco and the Lost City of the Incas

Flying from Brazil I made my way to Cusco via Lima (which was all a bit by the skin of my teefs by that stage). Turned out ok, thanks to the help of the excellent staff in Lima Airport.. Previously having little or no luck in the Brazilian airport lottery draw, this was a breath […]

A snap shot of Brazil

What an amazing country.. with nothing but naivety, and a few books, I planned my trip roughly from home and included Brazil solely for attending one of the world’s largest events, Carnival. In hind site, I could have spent 6 months, if not the full year in Brazil.. One of the beautiful things about travelling […]

Olinda – time to relax..

…Currently in a little town called Olinda, near Recife (pronounced Hecefe), – you know.., “Linda” in Portuguese means Beautiful.. But what the locals think is beautiful, can sometimes leave plenty to the imagination.. Olinda is a very historic and cute little place, everything is about a million years old, but has had some incredibly bright […]

Surviving Carnival in Brazil

Well It’s a miracle that I survived the last 7 days.. Carnival week was unrelenting. Everywhere you turned in Rio was just crazy with people and music and general mayhem. There were street parties that mingled with overspill from every club, bar and restaurant. The beaches were a litter of people, stalls and stands selling […]

Woo-Hoo..!! – Arived in Canada

Well.. – here I am in my first stop, Canada… It’s been a really long lead-up to this moment and now I’m really smiling. I’m currently writing from Red Mountain Resort in Canada (British Columbia), which has been my first chance to actually stop for a second and reflect on ALL that has brought me […]

USA makes ALL travelers feel like criminals

I’d just like to make a special note on my new-found dislike (ok, hate) for the way the United States makes all travellers feel like criminals, even those who choose NOT to travel to the US and are just transferring. Maybe I’m taking it the wrong way, but in my mind, getting finger printed, having […]

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