Part 2: retrieving your beer and snacks from a locked kitchen..

While staying in an excellent hostel, a number of guests and myself found ourselves in an emergency situation where-by the communal kitchen was closed and locked before we had a chance to retrieve our drinks from the fridge or eat all of our late night snack stash. – As you can imagine, this kind of situation […]

If you’re travelling from Canada to Brazil..

Ok, well the 7 flights over 50 consecutive hours nearly killed me. By the last flight i was not in the mood for small talk and i think my mind & body was starting to shut down.. The ‘vodka & dark chocolate, substituted by a few dodgy airline meals’ diet was probably not the best […]

35 hours of flights later.. and still plenty to go..

Well – I´m now in Equador airport – hEy ¿¿??¡¡¡ You´d all just Loooove these wHacKey Equadorian Keyboards.. they can do all kinda cool and CwAzY SymBols.. ç¿ Damn itñs a struggle not to collapse right now.. been travelling for around 35hours with a Litre of cheap cheap Vodka (almost cheaper than a Litre of […]

From hot to cold, to hot…

Well, no time right now (really doñ´t need to be stuck in an airport where no one really speaks English) for any longer than necessary, so gotta go make my flight., But I´ll be back soon to sum up an absolutely incredible time in Canada (where it averaged a ¨Balmy¨ -15 Degrees C), lots of […]

Part 1: emergency hotel cooking school..

Here’s a new series for Homelessfuk that will hopefully make all of our lives a little bit easier and more pleasant while surviving in the wider world.. I think the photos speak for themselves, but if you need any advice on how to cook wieners, please don’t hesitate to ask away.. (One quick tip, try […]

Brain dribble..

Hi hi..,.., Just thought I’d write & let you know what’s been happening .. Feels like my brain’s gone into some kind of shock for now, and it feels better getting some of it out.. Things have been really GREAT so far.. It’s been go go go since i started, and now I’m really looking […]

The Homeless in Canada really know how to travel..

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Woo-Hoo..!! – Arived in Canada

Well.. – here I am in my first stop, Canada… It’s been a really long lead-up to this moment and now I’m really smiling. I’m currently writing from Red Mountain Resort in Canada (British Columbia), which has been my first chance to actually stop for a second and reflect on ALL that has brought me […]

USA makes ALL travelers feel like criminals

I’d just like to make a special note on my new-found dislike (ok, hate) for the way the United States makes all travellers feel like criminals, even those who choose NOT to travel to the US and are just transferring. Maybe I’m taking it the wrong way, but in my mind, getting finger printed, having […]

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